Managing Partner
Managing Partner

After 8 years as an online store owner and several unsuccessful collaborations with digital marketing companies, we decided to create the agency that will grant you control over your business while delivering reported performance.

As a result, I founded INOBOX to provide the commitment and expertise that I didn’t when, like you, I was looking for a trustworthy partner.

As a business owner who is also a project manager, I realized that a good business strategy must be based on the client's needs. Having a superior product or service is not enough; it is also necessary to market it properly to each individual consumer. It is your responsibility to deliver your product/service to prospects who demand it.

Probably, the construction engineer diploma helped me to always structure my vision and ideas. But in order to put them into practice, in addition to experience, several formal courses were also necessary, including: "Business Drive" mini-MBA graduate with Marius Ghenea and Dragos Popescu, "Project Manager", "Acting techniques applied in business ” within Actelier, “Iscoditor” coaching course with Dragos Nicolaescu and several others.

And these are a few of the things
I love, beside Inobox:

Why is Inobox a good fit for your company?
We aim to show you that marketing should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost. Choose to work with a professional team instead of managing your campaigns yourself, which will cost you significantly more.
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