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More than a brand, a women manifest

We believe in creating a difference, through design and branding.

I worked with Ioana, the creator of @ioanapredaoficial, to reposition the brand in line with its long-term strategy as well as the needs and aspirations of its customers.

It was a multi-month rebranding process full of challenges, WOW moments, ideas, and discussions focused on the brand and company strategy.

We discovered that the Ioana Preda brand has The Lover’s personality, with the mission of being close to clients, helping them rediscover their beauty, with a drive for beauty, elegance, safety, and self-esteem; a brand that seeks to establish a #manifestoforfeminity.

We designed our whole strategy and brand identity to emphasize these differentiators as much as possible.
It was one of the most beautiful projects we’ve worked on, and Ioana is one of our most cool and responsive partners!

Our approach

We focused on exploring the attributes of the Lover Archetype: femininity, seduction, elegance, with a clean, simple, modern, premium note provided by monoline designs, geometric, minimalist symbols, and a limited color palette.

To strengthen the brand personality, we updated the company’s vision, mission, and values, brand promises, and created a unified verbal identity in addition to the visual identity.


Changing Ioana Preda’s visual identity was first a personal challenge. I couldn’t identify with the brand image, so I began a thorough rebranding process – the process completely changed the brand image, and I instantly had favorable response from clients.

There are several advantages to my partnership with Inobox, but I’ll highlight three: Healthy business development, increased revenue, and learning to be disciplined in business management. Managing an online store requires collaboration. It is also up to us, not simply the marketing firm, to perform a good job.

 Many people have told me, “I spent a lot of money on marketing, and now I’m hoping to see increased sales.”

 That is not the case. If your company is not prepared for that volume of orders, miracles will not happen in your business:)) So far, this has been my lesson.

If I were to recommend Inobox branding services, I would say: “Go to Inobox; Larisa, a true guru in the field, is there. She pays attention to your needs and performs what she does really effectively. We get along right away every time I have to work with her!”

Ioana Preda, Founder at Ioana Preda

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