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We don’t recruit people who want just a job; rather, we hire people who want to perform, advance their careers, and, as a result, grow the business they work for.

Remote First

We want to offer you the ideal working environment, so you are free to do your job from wherever you like.

We have a physical office in Bucharest, where you are more than welcome to come whenever you want to visit your colleagues.

We occasionally host Happy Hour Lunches, where we all get together for lunch.

Working hours

The work schedule is 8 hours long and may be customized between 08:00 and 18:00. We think that if you do your work properly and successfully help your colleagues, you are capable of deciding when to begin and when to end your daily activity.


• Mentoring from senior colleagues, where applicable
• Annual Training Budgets
• Quarterly sessions with a Coach for corporate and employees development
• Access to Inobox Library


• Access to courses, conferences, trainings, and events
• Weekly meetings and one-hour conversations on personal development themes with colleagues

Flexible working

• Life is more than just work. You can set your work working hours between 08:00 – 18:00
• You may work from home or wherever else you like
• Workdays are 8 hours long.

Physical and mental

• Healthy snacks at the office
• An office massage chair
• If appropriate, access to online therapy programs/applications
• Assistance in finding a therapist if needed
• Assistance in obtaining various medical services if needed

Team Happy

• Happy Hour Lunches - Every now and then, we all get together for lunch and spend time with each other
• Teambuilding – we regularly organize trips outside Bucharest for recreation or professional growth.


• We are performance-oriented; we prefer to take responsibility for our work and reward it with bonus payments and regular financial evaluations.

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