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7 Gusturi – Happiness on wheels

7 GUSTURI is a brand that sells street food via Food Trucks located in industrial parks. The proximity of the truck to business centers allows office and warehouse clients to eat good and fast near their workplace.

Owned by La Merenda Brand, our partner asked us to emphasize simplicity, clarity, naturalness, symmetry, and harmony, as well as a modern appearance with vintage elements and direct and casual messaging for 7 Gusturi.

Our approach

We created a neo-retro design and relied on:

PLimited color palette to evoke the feeling of vintage, when printing possibilities were limited;

Symmetry and harmony to maintain the design clarity

Illustration, stickers and badges

As graphic ornaments, we confined ourselves to an illustration of a rope (for the vintage flavor) and an illustration of the city (for the modern accent). The graphic’s silhouette of the city conveys the idea that you are able to eat delicious food even if you are far from a restaurant in the city..


Inobox was hired to provide 7 Gusturi branding services. The work with Inobox provided me with a unique visual identity as well as professionally – designed marketing materials. If I had to recommend branding services to a friend, I would send him to Inobox because they are both competent and reasonably priced.

Cristi, Fonder at 7 Gusturi

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