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Communication Strategy / 
Identitate verbala 

The Caregiver archetype employs an empathetic, comforting, nurturing, and optimistic tone.

The Therapy Hub brand voice is crafted to convey its deep concern for the community and the emotions of those within it. We prioritize assisting others and communicating our knowledge in a clear and accessible manner.

We approach life’s situations and challenges candidly and straightforwardly, maintaining an open and positive attitude centered on friendship, transparency, and mutual support.


Example from our process: even the slogan supports the brand positioning: Together for people

Communication Strategy /  Brand Script

The Brand Script – having the client in the spotlight

The Brand Script is a tool that enables us to create the brand narrative, placing the customer at the forefront as the main character. In this story, the customer’s challenges and expectations take center stage, with the brand assuming the role of a guiding companion throughout the journey.


Example from our research – Therapy Hub one liner

Communication Strategy /
Content Plan 

A consistent voice through continuous and unified communication.

Our brand consistently delivers messages aligned with our strategic content plan, effectively conveying our brand’s positioning.

Our communication remains unwavering in terms of tone, voice, and visual elements, ensuring easy recognition in the market while effectively communicating the values the brand stands for.


Example: Social Media Post

Example: Offline educational materials

8. Offline

Example: Educational videos on Tik-Tok

9. Tik Tok

Example: Therapists in Mass-Media

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