Junior SEO Specialist
Junior SEO Specialist

I spent three years trying to figure out my professional path before I graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences with a specialization in advertising.

I had no idea what to do after I left college. After talking with the right  person a year later, I was able to figure out what works for me professionally. . I am passionate about words and the essence of stories. So, an SEO career suited my needs.

I'm generally interested in hearing new stories. To be more precise, I'm constantly trying to improve and grow. I constantly try to listen carefully in order to understand. Advertiser... Write. Rewrite. Delete and start again from another point of view.

It may seem pressing, but for me it's a challenge: to search, to gather different opinions, to build, to put the puzzle pieces together... to optimize.

At Inobox I optimize your business. Through SEO, your website can be the perfect answer to people's needs.

And these are a few of the things I love, beside Inobox:

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