Junior Marketing Specialist
Junior Marketing Specialist

I attented the Dimitrie Cantemir University's Faculty of Tourism and Commercial Management, which gave me crucial information and a distinct understanding of the fundamentals of management, marketing, and communication in the business world.

Later, I started building my own business, which helped me advance both professionally and personally. I had to take part in its promotion to ensure its success, which is when I learned about digital marketing.

I pride myself on being well-organized, detail-oriented, and pragmatic in how I approach tasks. I enjoy working with and for people, as well as always learning new things. With time, I came to understand the importance of teamwork and having a positive attitude everytime.

At Inobox:

✔ I support colleagues in the Google Ads division;

✔ I match Google Ads services with your company's needs to increase its visibility and draw customers;

✔ I review your goals and get involved in achieving them;

✔ I take part in the creation and implementation of the marketing strategy in accordance with your company's needs;

✔ I consistently monitor and efficiently manage the promotion channels

And these are a few of the things I love, beside Inobox:

Why is Inobox a good fit for your company?
We aim to show you that marketing should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost. Choose to work with a professional team instead of managing your campaigns yourself, which will cost you significantly more.
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