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How correct positioning and unified communication help Marketing?

In an industry where empathy prevails and therapy-seeking decisions are predominantly emotional, achieving the right positioning that aligns with clients’ needs and using familiar and resonant communication was of utmost importance.


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What’s the Brand USP?

• Four conveniently located therapy offices in Bucharest.
• Embracing a contemporary, empathetic, and approachable style.
• A strong partnership with over 60 therapists, ensuring extensive availability.

Client Avatar

• Marian, seeking a solution for a specific issue (with potential for continued engagement based on results).
• Ioana, facing multiple life challenges, requiring ongoing, long-term support.
• Luiza, dedicated to personal development, enthusiastic about exploring various tools and activities to maximize her potential.

Voice / Tone

An empathetic and reassuring tone, creating a sense of safety. We provide reliable and valuable information in a relaxed, personalized, straightforward manner, addressing you directly. Our approach emphasizes positivity and avoids negatives, always offering constructive perspectives.

Slogans / Messages / Ideas / Benefits

• More than a hub, we’re a united community.
• Creating a safe space for your journey.
• Discover a place where vulnerability is valued.
• Diverse expertise and specialties at your service.
• Find the therapist who’s right for you.

Fears / Client problems

• Concerned about potential judgment during therapy sessions.
• Struggles with social anxiety, making phone appointments challenging.
• Has difficulty finding a therapist who meets their needs

The Desired Brand Image

• Carer: An empathetic, approachable, and open-hearted brand that thrives on helping, providing guidance, and offering unconditional support to the community without expecting anything in return.
• Sage: A brand that champions experience, expertise, specialization, and education. It collaborates exclusively with trained professionals and enriches the community by providing valuable informational resources.

Key expressions

We know what it’s like / We’ve been there / It’s normal to / We often do / We’re here / When you feel it’s hard / It’s not easy / We advise you / We help you / We understand you / We take care of ourselves / You deserve to… / Together / Support / We are together

Brand promises

• “Multiple spaces, multiple therapies, all in one place filled with empathy and understanding.”
• “Emotional growth is our shared journey.”
• “A space where being yourself is effortless, and therapy is no longer a taboo topic.”

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