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Therapy Hub is the place where it’s easy to be yourself and therapy is no longer a taboo topic.


Starting with a simple name and an idea, how can you strategically, verbally, and graphically position a brand in the market?

Systemically, step by step, collaborating with your partner on the process to build the brand strategy, the communication strategy and a unique visual identity.

Results in 2 years form Launch

Number of

From 0 – 4 Physical Spaces and 13 Therap Hub Practices

Therapy Hub

From 4 – 60 Collaborating therapists

Therapy meetings / month

From 49 – over 900 meetings / month

Types of

21 different types of therapies

Brand Startegy /
CCB Method 

The CCB method, combined with our distinctive brand process, provided Therapy Hub with a strong market entry.

This method strategically aligns three key elements in the market: 
Competitors, Customers, and Brand.

In order to have a brand with a voice, a strong position, a verbal and visual identity that make the difference in the market and bring success, this method closes the gap between how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition, what our customers really want, and what our business can offer.


An example from our research is how well competitors in the market satisfy consumer needs.  The scores reflect the number of reviews on competitor’s channels, whether favorable or unfavorable, regarding top 10 Client needs

An example from our research: One of the 3 Clients Avatar

Ioana, The one with many life challenges who can no longer overcome difficulties alone

Ioana has been working for a corporation as a Lead Manager for 5 years. She is 32 years old, she is single and all her activities are mostly focused on her career and personal development. Despite the fact that she has exceptional results at work, she feels unfulfilled, doubts herself, struggles with perfectionism, and always feels a sense of loneliness.

(…) From time to time, she feels motivated to talk to a therapist, does her own researches, asks for recommendations, but she has never taken a final decision so far. 

Aspirational expectations

• To find her inner peace and be grateful for her life

Emotional expectations

• To get along well with the therapists and resonate with their style
• To feel actively heard and understood during therapy sessions
• To feel comfortable and safe in the location (…)

Functional expectations

• To collaborate with trained, accredited, experienced people
• To easily schedule her appointments, if possible, online

Example from our research: How the brand meets one of the functional expectations:
“To easily schedule her appointments, if possible, online” through their ads

Brand strategy / 
Brand positioning

A unique positioning with a complete brand strategy

We’ve built the brand strategy, focused on 4 key industry aspects:

1) Creating a welcoming environment for patients to comfortably engage with experienced therapists.
2) Recognizing three primary patient categories: those dealing with chronic issues, those seeking solutions to specific problems, and those aiming to enhance their quality of life through personal growth.
3) Providing a supportive platform for therapists starting their careers, alleviating logistical and administrative concerns.
4) Addressing the existing misconceptions surrounding therapy services, making them more accessible and approachable to the public.


Promise 1 is rooted in the emotional dimension as it addresses a crucial market need, which is to provide individuals with a secure and receptive environment where they can freely express themselves.

Promise 2 is founded on the brand’s unique proposition, which is to provide valuable educational resources and contribute to the emotional growth of the community.

Promise 3 is established in response to a market opportunity. While some competitors have limited availability and therapy options, Therapy Hub offers access to more spaces.
the demand for empathetic therapists ranks among the top three needs for clients.Plus, therapists’ empathy is in the Top 3 clients needs.

Brand Archetypes: Carer & Sage

Example from our process: How the brand keeps its first brand promise:  
The brand expands its physical locations. The places are designed with a warm, inviting atmosphere and cheerful room décor.

Example from our process: How the brand keeps its second brand promise:
The brand offers free educational materials

Example from our process: How the brand keeps its third brand promise:
It presents BTS moments and therapy topics in an easy-to-follow way.


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