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The space where it is easy to be yourself and where therapy is not a taboo subject.

Therapy Hub is a brand that will offer support to therapists just starting in their career and that wants to normalize therapy in Romania, by promoting it as a cool and accessible service.

A brand created with a lot of empathy and care towards people.

Our approach

We were asked to create a modern, pleasant, open, and cool brand that would connect with professionals and individuals seeking therapeutic services while inspiring professionalism, trust, and excellence.

The entire strategy was built around two Brand Archetypes: Caregiver, because the brand puts itself at the service of others and wants to offer support and assistance to the community, and Sage, because the brand want to provide an educational contribution to the therapists’ community by exchanging information, experiences, expertise, and resources.


I really wanted to communicate to consumers exactly what I had in mind, but things did not appear to be very obvious and clear before working with Inobox. The partnership first and foremost assisted me in answering critical questions about my business, answers that Inobox eventually translated into visuals, phrases, and ideas.

I always saw Inobox as a circle of individuals oriented toward one another, which I appreciate and respect.

Among the advantages of working with Inobox, I would mention efficiency, professionalism, relaxation, and a focus on people. I tell my friends that it is the coolest and most professional agency I have ever met, and that each meeting has enhanced my experience. 🙂

Simona Preda, Fonder at Therapy Hub

Why the butterfly

The butterfly is a symbol for the Therapy Hub brand. It represents sensitivity, fragility, and freedom, as well as the process of transformation during thearapy sessions.

Why the triangle

For its symbolism, the triangle was chosen as the main polygon in the creation of Therapy Hub shapes and symbols, a triad of elements that represent balance on several levels: mind, body and soul; past, present and future; mental, physical and emotional – all aspects related to therapy.

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