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Esteem – The wellbeing you deserve

During the rebranding journey, from “Pure Salon” to “Esteem” we focused on a shift in the brand’s identity.

The new name “Esteem” beautifully encapsulates the brand’s core values: self-confidence, self-respect, and self-esteem. This name mirrors our commitment to celebrating the inner strength of each woman who walks through our doors. 

Our approach

In collaboration with our partner, we undertook a rebranding effort to better reflect the brand’s new market position: a high-end salon known for top-quality services provided by skilled professionals, equipped with modern technology, and dedicated to creating a special client experience.  

The name “Esteem” was crafted after an in-depth workshop with our partner, representing the strength and confidence of empowered women. Our selection of the “Lover” and “Care Giver” archetypes signals the brand’s sensitivity, the desire for appreciation, and a commitment to taking excellent care of its clients, offering not just great services but memorable moments.


Logo mark construction

The Heart

Shape represents values such as love, affection, sensitivity and emotion

The Water Lily

Represents power, purity, rebirth and feminine energy

Logo System

Brand Collaterals

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