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Facebook Ads

My first interaction with the concept of marketing was as a student; I didn’t attend a Marketing Faculty, but I engaged with this subject during my three years of study and opted to explore this topic in my bachelor thesis.

I began working in the third year of college, but not in the marketing sector; instead, I worked for a year as a Data Entry Operator at an IT company.

Later, I decided to pursue a career in human resources, and started to work as a recruiter. After two years in this sector, I realized it didn't fulfill me. I wanted to work in marketing, in a more creative environment where I could test my creativity.

In June 2019, I accepted a volunteer role with a Romanian Trance Family organization that promotes Trance music in Romania. I began as a member of the Social Media team, posting about the events we were organizing. I finally felt like I was doing something I enjoyed, mixing my favorite musical style with Marketing.

After three years, I now hold the position of Social Media Manager and I am responsible for both event organization and promotion.

The partnership with Inobox began in October 2019. Since then, my experience here and the expertise shared by my colleagues have helped me to manage more than 20 projects as a Facebook Ads Specialist.

Traveling and photography are two of my passions.

Traveling allows me to discover the world around me while also developing/feeding my creative side. During my travels, I try to learn as much as I can about the culture and lifestyle of the people I visit.

Photography allows me to "preserve" the experiences I have. Above all, I enjoy shooting landscapes and portraying daily life in the places I travel to.

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