“Creativity is intelligence having fun” – Albert Einstein

If I were to describe myself in a single word, "curious" would be it. I've always been looking for answers to questions like "Why?" or "How would it be?" and I usually find them. I consider myself creative, ambitious, empathic, committed and meticulous; I always put soul and passion into everything I do, and I am motivated to succeed. Public relations, mass media, social media, advertising, and influencer marketing are some of my most important points of interest.

I like to be involved in everything around me, and I've always been careful with what I communicate, especially online. As technology and virtual communication evolve, companies aspire to define their own personalities on social networks and communicate honestly, genuinely, and interactively with their customers.

I learnt these things during my first years of college, while studying Marketing at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. Later, I expanded on these ideas by earning a master's degree in Public Relations in Marketing, where I graduated as the valedictorian.

At INOBOX, I am able to put into practice the newest trends, tactics, and strategies in digital marketing, copywriting, and social media. With my team, I ensure that your company is properly promoted and that excellent content is delivered.

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I love, beside Inobox:

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