Creative Minds, Rational Thinkers, Kind Hearts
We are strategists, designers, programmers, and analysts. We visioners, planners, and doers. We are responsible, diligent, inquisitive, and enthusiastic about what we do. We are poets, sportsmen, travelers, photographers, dancers and DJs. We are all of these things and MORE.

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Freedom, but also responsibility
Growth Environment 
We rely on our team

Freedom, but also responsibility

We want to offer you the ideal working environment, so you are free to do your job from wherever you like.We have a physical office in Bucharest, where you are more than welcome to come whenever you want to visit your colleagues.The work schedule is 8 hours long and may be customized between 08:00 and 18:00. We think that if you do your work properly and successfully help your colleagues, you are capable of deciding when to begin and when to end your daily activity.

Growth Environment

We provide our team members with access to courses, conferences, events, trainings, and seminars for personal and professional growth.

We rely on our team

We are a team, we operate as a team, we encourage collaboration and mutual support, and we always look for methods to strengthen our bonds.

Performance Oriented

We are aware of the company’s goals and our role within it; we are focused on performance, results, and high quality of work.

Open Minded

We are open to trying new things and embracing change; we are eager to explore new approaches, monitor trends, and come up with strategies to apply them if we believe it is appropriate.

Free Spirit

We encourage an open, nonconformist mindset in which no one feels constrained or embarrassed to voice their views.

A little Extra

We always go above and beyond for ourselves, colleagues, and clients, not because we are obligated to, but because we believe it’s beneficial to our personal and professional development.

Creative Minds, but rational

IWe encourage creativity, but we hate chaos; we have procedures that have been tested and proven, but we also encourage flexibility and are open to exploring new perspectives if they are discussed and agreed upon within the team; we encourage creativity and innovation without becoming impractical or reckless in our decisions.

Work-Life Balance

We believe in this balance, which is why we encourage you to take advantage of the flexibility of the work schedule and the ability to work from anywhere.

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We prefer to position ourselves as SuperSpecialists, so we keep up with industry news, educate ourselves, and attend trainings and seminars; we despise being ignorant or having incorrect data.
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