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The 12 Brand Archetypes

A brand archetype is a personified representation of your brand’s main attributes and values, such as stability, safety, strength, or creativity. It is critical for your brand to have an archetype in order to tell a narrative and make an emotional connection with its audience.

For example, the main archetype of Inobox in Sage (because we believe in education and knowledge) and the second archetype is Creator (because we are an agency that believes in innovation, creativity and always looking for new ways to help our partners).

Are you interested in learning about the 12 Archetypes and maybe identifying a suitable one for your brand?

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Brand personality

We connect with brands every day. Some we adore, some we admire, some we despise, and yet others leave us completely indifferent. Sometimes the connections are so strong that it feels like we’re talking to a real person.

This is related to one thing: the brand’s personality.

In this article, we will explore how vital it is to include brand personality into the brand strategy and how this may contribute to development of long-term customer connections.

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The New Marketing Is Storytelling

Brand storytelling is rapidly evolving from a nice-to-have tool to a must-have, with companies increasingly relying on it to connect with their audiences on an emotional level that extends beyond the value of the products and services they provide on a daily basis.

Brand Storytelling is exactly what it sounds like: telling the story of your brand. Beyond traditional marketing strategies, companies use tales and narrative techniques to engage with their audience and build their brand identity. Creating a story allows brands to promote their values and beliefs, as well as their products and services, without employing conventional sales strategies.

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